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FREE IpX Training Session at Aras ACE 2024

IpX - the Institute for Process Excellence is excited to partner at the Aras ACE 2024 event! Join us for a 4-hour training session on Monday, March 4. Course attendees also will receive a free digital copy of the latest CM2 textbook The CM2 Approach to Change and Configuration Management

Course Details

The Quality Paradigm: IpX’s CM2 Platform, PLM, and Digital Transformation: Shaping Industry Innovation with Effective Change and Process Excellence

Key Objectives

This session features core concepts from IpX's CM2 platform, the industry standard for the digital thread and the supporting infrastructure framework bridging interoperability gaps between design and data flow analysis tools.

The Cost of Intervention Resources

The first half of this session students will participate in the workshop, "The Cost of Intervention Resources" to understand how intervention resource expenditures equate to the unplanned time, money, and resources expended to compensate for quality and schedule problems. When quality and schedule problems dominate the energy an organization expends on a daily basis, corrective action becomes the standard “way of working.” Changing that environment requires an understanding of how current processes relate to best practices and the culture change that is needed to make the transition.

Participants will gain valuable insights into managing intervention resources effectively, exploring cost implications and strategies for optimization.

The Blueprint for Closed-Loop Change Management

The second half of the session, "The Blueprint for Closed-Loop Change Management," demonstrates critical considerations for efficient and effective Change Management and robust PLM utilization. Participants will receive insights on the robust management of changes to a product, emphasizing the equivalence of importance between product design and verification. The course covers essential PLM Change objects, namely IR, CR, CN, and Deviation, and explores a risk-based, fit-for-purpose decision-making approach.

Participants will also gain proficiency in the proper use of revisions and develop a comprehensive understanding of the deliverable-level visibility of changes within their product hierarchy. Additionally, the session focuses on realizing the tangible benefits of implementing CM2 Product and Process Baselines.