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BOGO CM2 Certification Courses and Bundles

Earn your CM2-Comprehensive or CM2-Professional certification at half the price. Courses are available online, self-paced with the IpX IDEA Academy or virtually with a live instructor. See all upcoming virtual registration dates. Purchase online self-paced courses, individual courses, the CM2-C Bundle, or the CM2-P Bundle.


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IDEA Academy Subscriptions

The IDEA Academy Subscription offers access to hours of professional and personal development training including CM2 Jump-Start courses, Digital Cornerstone courses, Methods of 100 Coaches courses, UPPDC, EIA-649, and more. Get 24/7 on-demand access to exclusive training, leading industry certifications, and a professional network. See IDEA Academy Subscription Details

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CM2 Jump-Start Courses

IpX's CM2 Jump-Start Courses are short courses with a big impact, covering critical CM2 topics. All CM2 Jump-Start Courses are available online individually within the IDEA Academy or as a part of the IDEA Academy Subscription. View all Jump-Start Courses

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Digital Cornerstone Courses

Digital Cornerstone Courses are a comprehensive micro series platform that provides the requirements and best practices for the future of the digital ecosystem. All Digital Cornerstone Courses are available online individually within the IDEA Academy or as a part of the IDEA Academy Subscription along. View all Digital Cornerstone Courses 

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Universal Document Control

As digital solutions have advanced, so have the capabilities and processes needed to ensure proper document security, analysis, control, and digital storage. Join this course online to learn how to manage all product-related documents through a standard Document Control process. Read the abstract 

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Terms and Conditions

BOGO discount eligible for CM2 Certification, CM2 Jumpstart, Digital Cornerstone, and UDC courses. Eligible for online self-paced and virtual instructor-led courses purchased on or after November 13, 2023. Payment must be received by December 15, 2023. Training must be started by June 30, 2024. Digital course manuals will be provided. Discounts are provided by IpXHQ only and not eligible for courses provided by international partners